Jacky Says… Ray J Fires Shots @ Bobby Brown: No Little Boy S*** with Whitney

Ray J Bobby Brown Whitney Houston

“If I am with Whitney Houston, I know I can get a private jet. I know that … free … so I’m gonna push the line until it happens.” — Ray J

HSK Exclusive – Additional audio revelations, reportedly sourced from the crates of author Maxwell Billieon reveal Ray J dedicating a diss track to none other than Bobby Brown! Apparently, the recorded conversation went down during Billion and Ray J’s planned preparation to pen a relationship book — leading to him revealing some of his own personal relationships, namely his so-proclaimed pimpin’ he presented to Whitney Houston.

… as far as my attire, as far as where I took her, as far as the security team that I brought around her, as far as what I had her wear, as far as the money that I invested in her to fly private from Vegas to New York or L.A.” — Ray J

Ray J is heard in the sound recording talkin’ about how he would “turn down the bad boy … especially publicly” as part of his mack daddy detail (specifically, when it came to Whitney). Then, he somehow leads to convo to private jets … livin’ dat life … and digg’in on Bobby Brown, insinuating the “Every Little Step” singer is either BROKE — or — just plain CHEAP!

“That’s why I am me, because I know how to prep the women.”

Peep how Ray J breaks it all down:

“It was always private jets. It was always first class everything, beyond … like, it wasn’t no little boy s***. Put it like this, Bobby Brown might not have taken the bill (inaudible) that was 700-dollars.”

Take a Listen to the mack talk … straight from the horse’s mouth:


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Jacky Says… Whitney Houston Hologram Canned

whitney houston christina aguilera hologram

If you were looking forward to seeing Whitney Houston come back to life in the form of a hologram, we have some disappointing news…it ain’t gonna happen!

On Monday’s season finale of The Voice, Christina Aguilera was set to perform a medley of Whitney songs with the hologram. A video of the hologram in action was leaked, and once Whitney’s estate saw the finished product, they pulled out of the show!

According to sources, the estate canned the idea because the hologram “didn’t look like Whitney.” Producers of the show decided to wait until the technology could get more up to date and give Whitney the proper hologram she deserves.

How about we just let her rest in peace?

whitney houston hologram

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