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Egotastic – Rosanna Arquette Topless, Paz de la Huerta Nekkid, The Game of Thrones Ladies of the Evening Nekkid in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Rosanna Arquette Topless Screencaps from Mr. Skin Rosanna Arquette Topless Screencaps from Mr. Skin Rosanna Arquette Topless Screencaps from Mr. Skin Rosanna Arquette Topless Screencaps from Mr. Skin Rosanna Arquette Topless Screencaps from Mr. Skin Hotties Nekkid in the Game of Thrones via Mr. Skin

If it’s Friday then it must be Mr. Skin forecast for the fun side of your home viewing weekend entertainment. Like clockwork, Mr. Skin informs you of how to get your minute hand on your six o’clock and have yourself a little private party. And this week is hardly short of many visually moving wonderments that ought to keep your quite content in your comfy chair with your remote.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Paz de la Huerta quite full frontal and nekkid and making out with Katrina Bowden in Nurse 3D now out on Blu-Ray, the hottie brunettes and redheads of whoredom on Game of Thrones getting nekkid themselves in the season opener on HBO, and veteran thespianic Rosanna Arquette not nekkid in Game Day out in theaters today, but quite topless in a number of her former cinematic ventures. It’s lots of lovely funbags just the way we like them, full and ripe like summer berries. Enjoy.

(Absolutely do not forget the best Easter gift ever for your friends and family, a discounted membership to the entire vault of Mr. Skin.com)

Egotastic! The Sexy Side Of Celebrity Gossip

Egotastic – Hollywood XPosed Has Whitney St. John Deliver the Naked News, and Nothing But the Naked News (VIDEO)

The good folks at the Naked News and hottie hostess Whitney St. John doesn’t even bother stripping off her clothes in this week’s Hollywood Xposed video. She’s already nekkid. Quite convenient. Seems like an old Tom Brokaw trick perhaps.

This week’s episode, in addition to highlighting some of the hotness on Egotastic! of the past week, provides some beautiful glimpses into the bare nekkid sextastic of Jennifer Connelly, Maggie Grace and some foreign stunners who run around topless for the sake of art. Hollywood Xposed doesn’t really mess around with much of that non-nude nonsense. Straight to the action.

To keep abreast (get it?) of all the latest skin in Tinsel Town, be sure to check out the uncensored video and become a regular of Naked News.

Egotastic! The Sexy Side Of Celebrity Gossip

Egotastic – Hollywood XPosed Is Here and Naked Newsy As Ever (VIDEO)

Girls getting nekkid to talk about nekkidness. This will be genius until the end of time, or at least through the next Clinton administration. Yeah, I know.

In this edition of Hollywood Exposed, Nekkid News takes you through the best of the best of skin reveals on film and television, including Shailene Woodley topless, Amy Adams nip slip, and the girls of Nymphomaniac being altogether nekkid and heavily involved. But it’s when hostess Peyton Priestly takes off her panties and mentions the name Egotastic! that this video becomes a true keeper on my mantle. I’m ever so happy.

Be sure to check out Naked News as often and frequently as possible. That may be redundant.

Egotastic! The Sexy Side Of Celebrity Gossip

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