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PopSugar – Will, Kate, and Harry Make One Last Stop Before Their Summer Vacation

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reunited with Prince Harry on Tuesday, this time back on familiar territory. The group of young royals visited the Tower of London’s “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” installation in the Tower’s moat, which was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. It will eventually hold 888,246 ceramic red poppies, each representing every British and British colonial loss of life during the Great War. On Monday, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Harry were also busy with marking the special anniversary, with Kate and Wills attending Le Memorial Interaille in Leige, Belgium, alongside Belgium’s Queen Mathilde and King Philippe and French President Francois Hollande. Harry was on his own earlier in the day when he stopped by an unveiling of a memorial in Folkestone, England, but he later met up with his brother and sister-in-law in Belgium to visit the St. Symphorien Military Cemetery.

While the royal family is busy with duties surrounding World War I, they will soon break from their work for a Summer vacation. Most of the family usually travels to Queen Elizabeth II’s Summer retreat, Balmoral Castle, to unwind for the month of August. Kate, Will, and George are expected to make a stop by the estate for riding, hunting, fishing, and general relaxing. However, the royals’ September schedules are already filling up, with Kate planning on making her first solo royal tour to Malta on September 20. (No word yet on if George will join her.) Menawhile, Harry is hard at work preparing for the launch of his Invictus Games, which will take place from September 10 – 14. The Games are a big deal to Harry, as they are aimed at supporting and showcasing wounded servicemen and women. Harry said he got the idea after visiting the Warrior Games in the United States back in 2013.

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Celebrity News – ‘RHOC’ Recap: Barney Booty Banter! Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge Reveal Their Bizarre Marriage Secrets, Says Her ‘Freak Factor’ Is ‘Off The Charts’

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge’s kinky relationship was the focal point of Monday night’s edition of The Real Housewives of Orange County, as the hardbodied duo gushed about their white-hot antics between the sheets, with Judge boasting how he enjoys anal sex with Barney when she’s drunk.

It all started with Barney commenting sarcastically to Heather Dubrow, “So romantic, the first year of marriage. We haven’t even gone on our honeymoon yet.”

When Dubrow asked when it would finally happen, Barney sighed, “According to him, next year. The second I met Eddie, we started traveling. Now, all of a sudden, it’s like, we can’t,” she told the camera about herself and her CUT Fitness partner, Judge.

“Being responsible and having your own business, it sucks,” she commented.

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Barney told Dubrow they had talked about going to Thailand or Bali but added that Judge felt that “there’s no way right now that both of us can be away.”

So Dubrow decided all the housewives should go on a trip to Bali together — and laughed that Barney should carry her over the threshold because her husband, Terry Dubrow, never did!

Later in the episode, the Judges showed up for Dubrow’s Valentine’s Day party at the St. Regis Hotel in Monarch Bay, where they had married last June.

“Want to get married again?” Barney asked her husband.

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According to Barney, since she’d tied the knot at the St. Regis, she’d always hold it close to her heart.

Barney told the other housewives the robot baby Astro, whom she and Judge failed to raise, “is gone.”

“He’s in his little box and he’s been shipped off!”

And as Radar readers know, sources say the couple never discussed having kids and the whole thing was faked for Bravo.

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But Barney has denied reports of marriage trouble, and received flowers at the table from Judge for Valentine’s Day.

When Barney revealed all the gals were going to Bali together, Judge asked, “You guys are going to have a lesbian honeymoon?”

Soon, the party got raunchy with a “truth or dare” game that raised some embarrassing questions.

When Barney was asked how much money it would take to get her to pose nude, she said one million dollars.

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But Judge joked he would allow his wife to pose nude for fifty bucks!

“What is your freak factor?” Barney asked the group, then turned to Danielle Gregorio and asked, “Do you do anal?”

Danielle said she didn’t, but when Barney was asked if she was active in the act, Judge shockingly revealed, “When she’s drunk.”

Dubrow’s husband Terry marveled, “No sh*t! You guys do anal? You’re kidding me!”

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Judge then laughed, “Sometimes in the ear!”

“A lady never talks about her freak factor, but since I’m not a lady, I would definitely say that mine’s off the charts,” Barney bragged to the cameras.

Also on the episode, Barney complained to Vicki Gunvalson about her son Ryan Vieth leaving her to be with girlfriend Sarah Rodriguez, whom he’d only known two months.

Viewers also saw Lizzie Rosvek turning 34 and throwing a birthday party but only Gunvalson showed up, while Barney hurt her feelings by canceling at the last minute after her daughter got ill.

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Gunvalson advised Rosvek to be careful with Barney.

“Being friends with Tamra is complicated,” Gunvalson told the cameras, because you have to get prepared to get hurt.

Meanwhile, snubbed Rosvek said in confessional, “This is probably one of the worst birthdays I’ve ever had.”

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PopSugar – Stars Show Their World Cup Spirit on Social Media!

World Cup excitement isn’t slowing down anytime soon. There has been no shortage of ceremonies, celebrations, and of course, superhot soccer players to drool over. While fans worldwide have been sharing their experiences via social media, some of our favorite snap-happy stars are doing the same. Josh Duhamel cheered on Team USA with his baby boy, Axl, as they faced off against Germany on Thursday. As the US battled it out with Portugal on Sunday, avid fans Hugh Jackman and Sarah Hyland took to Instagram to share their midgame spirit. Earlier in the World Cup, Brazilian bombshells Gisele Bündchen and Alessandra Ambrosio showed their love for their homeland in cute Instagram photos, and fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell took a glamorous snap with a World Cup trophy. Scroll through to see which celebrities are sharing their World Cup moments through social media!

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Celebrity News – Momager Money Medal: Kris Jenner Says She ‘Should Have Gotten A Medal’ For Cleaning Up Their Financial ‘Mess’ After Bruce Jenner Squandered Riches On Toys

Kris Jenner revealed on Sunday night’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she and Bruce Jenner once were flat broke, and that she deserved a medal for cleaning up their financial mess.

During the episode, viewers saw the Momager criticize daughter Kourtney Kardashian for letting her baby daddy, Scott Disick, decide whether he wanted to own a helicopter and park it in their backyard. But Kourtney said she didn’t want to be like Kris, who drove Bruce away with her controlling ways.

Kris then told E!’s cameras that there was a reason she took the relationship reins: “When Bruce and I started dating, he had a lot of toys.

“He had jet skis and motorboats and snowmobiles and a house on Lake Tahoe but the truth is, we owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. We didn’t have any money.”

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In a reference to Kendall Jenner, her first daughter with Bruce, Kris added, “We had four kids to take care of and another one on the way.”

She told Kourtney, “The fact that I was the one who went and cleaned up the mess, I should have gotten a medal for that. I had to be the practical one and get rid of some of these crazy expenses.”

Kris, 58, pointed out how expensive it would be to maintain a helicopter and said Disick’s idea was “irresponsible and financially not smart.”

However, Kourtney told the cameras she didn’t want to kill his joy.

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Watch the video on RadarOnline.com:

Later, Disick decided Bruce, 64, would be his helicopter pilot and even gave him a uniform for the job.

Bruce recalled owning his own plane and Kris revealed they gave the mile high club a whole new spin: “He had sex with me in the back of the plane,” while no one was flying it!

Kris told Bruce, “Your reflexes might not be the same. This is a dangerous job.”

After Kris grilled Kourtney again about why she was letting Disick get the helicopter, her daughter declared, “I’m not being bossy like you.”

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“My mom has been telling Bruce what to do for years and years,” she told the cameras. “It makes Bruce resentful so I definitely don’t want to be in that situation.”

Ultimately, Disick realized the helicopter was going to take up half the backyard and could be dangerous for their two kids.

Later, he decided to put a big slide in the backyard for them and was glad he’d made the decision on his own.

Meanwhile, Kris asked Kendall if she was controlling when it came to Bruce, and her daughter said she had a strong personality.

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Kris, who separated from Bruce last year, explained to Kendall, “We still love each other and we still are family. It’s just sometimes people need a break from each other.”

During a day in Malibu with Bruce, Kris admitted to him she had told Kourtney to shut down Disick’s helicopter dreams.

“Do you think I’m that crazy controlling?” she asked her estranged husband.

“Of course!” Bruce replied.

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Kris felt horrible and said, “I don’t want to be a crazy b*tch.”

Bruce said she wasn’t a bad person – just had a strong personality.

“I still feel I made the right choices but had the wrong approach,” Kris told the cameras.

The family matriarch apologized to Bruce for standing in the way of things he wanted to do in the past.

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He said there was no reason to apologize because she had good intentions but she had to let people make mistakes and do it their way. The former decathlete added that she would mellow out as she aged!

Kris told viewers, “I feel guilty for things that happened in the past but I got to apologize and it’s a relief Bruce doesn’t hold certain things against me. I think other things have caused Bruce and I to grow apart but the good news is, we’ll always be really good friends.”

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com:

In the other storyline on Sunday’s show, Khloe and Kim Kardashian decided to compete against each other in a mud run.

“I totally have to kick her a**,” Khloe told the cameras. “I’m going to shove her face in the mud.”

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Kim countered, “I want to prove that I can beat her.”

The wife of Kanye West, who gave birth to their daughter North last summer, bragged that she weighed 125 while her pre-baby weight had been 130.

Khloe eventually body slammed her sister into the mud during the race. However, they wound up bonding over the strange experience of getting down and dirty.

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Egotastic – Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures Hold Their Own And Then Some on Holiday in Spain

Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Bikini Body At The Beach In Formentera, Spain Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Bikini Body At The Beach In Formentera, Spain Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Bikini Body At The Beach In Formentera, Spain Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Bikini Body At The Beach In Formentera, Spain Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Bikini Body At The Beach In Formentera, Spain Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Bikini Body At The Beach In Formentera, Spain Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Bikini Body At The Beach In Formentera, Spain

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Venezuelan beauty pageant winner turned Italian TV showgirl Aida Yespica baring her bodacious body in a bikini along some shoreline or another around the world. For several winters she was a fixture in Miami, but she missed this past year, leaving a small hole in my heart. So she’s kind of like doughnuts for me.

Aida has some new boyfriend I’ll continue to ignore, but it was enough occasion to get her back into her two piece and off to the South of Spain for a beach vacation. I’m glad she went. And did some delicious bikini adjustments. Though every time a sextastic woman adjusts her own sweet teats I do feel like I’m missing out on my life’s career calling. Enjoy.

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Celebrity News – Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband Hank Baskett Abruptly Leaves Their Marital Home — Ex-NFL Star Checks Into Motel!

Kendra Wilkinson‘s husband of five years, Hank Baskett, abruptly left their Calabasas, Calif. home on Friday, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The explosive development comes just one month after Wilkinson gave birth to the couple’s second child, Alijah Mary Baskett.

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A reporter for The National ENQUIRER exclusively tells Radar that Baskett was spotted speeding away from the home he shares with Wilkinson in their gated community around 4 p.m. PT in his white Jeep, before landing at a local motel.

“Hank was wearing a royal blue NBA shirt and long khaki shorts. He got out of the Jeep with a woman who appeared to possibly be one of the couples’ baby nurses because she was wearing a medical type uniform,” the eyewitness tells Radar.

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“They went into the office of the motel and then pulled the jeep around to the other side where their room was located. Hank appeared disoriented and downtrodden. At one point, he kicked the ground.”

Earlier in the day Baskett, 31, attended a Major League Gaming Competition in Anaheim with his father, Hank Baskett Sr.

“Mornin yall! @MrHankBaskettSr & I are on our way down to the #MLGAnaheim championships. Small road trip with pops=good times,” he tweeted.

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Baskett returned to the couple’s home where something possibly ensued, triggering the hostile hotel check in.

Wilkinson, 29, posted an upbeat and positive Twitter message on Thursday — not realizing just a day later the father of her two children would leaving the home.

“Today will be a great day. I know it. #CarpeDiem #smile #happiness #love #positivevibes.”

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After checking into the motel, the eyewitness tells Radar exclusively that he briefly came back out before quickly retreating back into the motel.

“An hour later, he emerged from the room but then returned back inside,” the source said.

Baskett and Wilkinson were married on June 27, 2009 and have two children together; Hank Baskett IV, 4, and Alijah Mary, 36-days.

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PopSugar – 50+ Stars With Their Dear Old Dads

Whether their fathers are as famous as they are or just like to show their support at big events, it’s always sweet to see celebrities hanging out with their dads on the red carpet and beyond. We’re celebrating Father’s Day with the ultimate roundup of stars and their fathers; keep reading to see them all now, and don’t forget to check out Hollywood heavyweights sharing equally cute moments with their moms!

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Celebrity News – ‘Breakfast Of Champions!’ Bruce Willis Photographs Wife Emma Heming Breastfeeding Their New Daughter

Bruce Willis and his wife, Emma Heming-Willis, weren’t shy about sharing the first picture of their three-week-old daughter, Evelyn.

Willis photographed the infant while breastfeeding, and his wife then posted it to her Facebook page, under the title, Breakfast of Champions.

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The proud mama, who also has a two-year-old daughter, Mabel, with the actor, gave the photo cred to B. Willis.

Willis is now a dad of five. He also has three daughters with Demi Moore .

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Celebrity News – Kim & Kanye Take Over Paris As We Reveal Secrets Of Their ‘Big Fat Florentine’ Wedding: The Guest List, The Dress, The Drastic Diet And A Swimming Pool Dyed Pink!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gallivanted in Paris Sunday as wedding planners were in the final stages of planning one of the most anticipated celebrity nuptials ever, down to each well-heeled detail.

High profile guests tabbed to be in attendance as Kimye seal their love include the entire Kardashian clan, and two other newsmakers as of late, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

The Vogue covergirl will make a “huge, chic fashion statement” in her Vera Wang gown, sources said, after months of grueling diet and exercise to be in the best possible shape on the day of her third wedding. The socialite recently showed off her svelte form in an Instagram pic, boasting a chiseled set of abs.

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The couple has held their cards close to the vest, in part to thwart the excessive media attention devoted to the affair, as even those invited haven’t been given any concrete details as to where or when the “Gone” singer and Kardashian will actually be pronounced man and wife.

Sources said invites have only been directed to the Chateau Louis XIV, a Parisian palace with modern amenities, one of which will be — at the Yeezus rapper’s request — a pool filled with pink water. With a major sewage facility not too far from the venue, the couple will have strong air freshening system installed for the big day.

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“They have gone to great lengths to make sure the place smells lovely,” a worker at the facility said.

The mega-stars will indeed exchange vows in Florence, Italy as well, as the city holds special relevance to them, as it was where they conceived their daughter North. That said, authorities in Italy said no formal plans have been made in regards to a civil contract required for legally-binding weddings, essentially meaning that whatever event is held in the area will be strictly for show, at least under local jurisdiction.

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Officials there said they’ve granted permission for West, 36, and Kardashian, 33, to host 200 guests at a 16th-century fortress in Fort Belvedere, and that the couple is expected to bring an American Protestant minister to the proceedings.

West proposed to Kardashian in grand fashion last autumn, proposing to her at San Francisco’s AT&T Park on her 33rd birthday.

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