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PopSugar – Celebrities Come Face to Face With Their Wax Figures!

Ricky Martin looked like he was having a lot of fun when he came face-to-face with his wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Hhe isn’t the only star who has come face to face with his man-made double, as Jon Hamm, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, and even Sofia Vergara have all been on hand to debut their twins at various wax museums around the world, and, naturally, it always lends itself to hilarious photo ops. Click through to see celebrities confronting their wax counterparts, and don’t forget to check out more celebrity wax figures!

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PopSugar – Beyoncé, Rachel, Tori, and More Shared the Sweetest Snaps of Their Tots This Week!

Family came first the past week as celebrity tots spent some quality time with Mom and Dad around the world. Beyoncé shared some sweet snaps of Blue Ivy getting a private tour of the Louvre in Paris, while Cash Warren took his youngest, Haven, to the pumpkin patch, and Rachel Zoe took her youngest, Kaius, to his first polo match.

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Celebrity News – ‘The Only Think I Can Think Of Is Their Kids’: Ex-Costar Caroline Manzo Talks Joe & Teresa Giudice’s Prison Sentences — Will They Divorce?

Teresa and Joe Giudice‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Caroline Manzo, appearing on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, told host Andy Cohen she’s “blown away” by the recent sentences handed down to the prison-bound reality TV couple, and is focused on the comfort of their four daughters moving forward.

“I’m blown away – I’m blown away by the whole thing,” the outspoken reality star told Cohen, days after Joe retrieved a 41-month sentence, and Teresa got a 15-month sentence in connection with their fraud convictions. “It’s so much bigger than the [Real] Housewives, it’s so much bigger than Bravo, it’s just life-changing for these people and their children.

“The only think I can think of is their kids — God bless those kids — you know, it is what it is, and it happened and I can’t wrap my head around it, it’s a lot.”

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Asked about a 2009 question Joe Giudice asked — regarding if anyone who’d appeared on the show had been indicted — Manzo said, “You can’t blame anything, you can’t blame Bravo … things that happen in your life, you cannot blame anything for things to happen in your life, you know what I mean?

“To me, it’s just something that I hope that people, for the sake of the children, keep your opinions to yourself on social media and stuff like that and just understand, this is tragic, this is sad and I — I can’t judge them and I won’t judge them, because I don’t know what happened.”

Manzo emphasized that all she “can think of is those kids.”

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When Cohen asked Manzo if she stood by an earlier prediction (broadcast on the show) that the Giudices were headed for possible incarceration and divorce as a result of their lifestyle, Manzo replied, “I am going to keep that to myself.

“Today’s not the day for that, this week’s not the week for that, I would be an awful person to speculate what is going on,” the well-spoken reality star said. ”This is not a time to laugh, this is not a time to say, ‘I told you so’ … this is bad, this is not funny.”

She continued, “All is know is, what is saw go down this week is sad.”

Watch What Happens Live airs Sunday thru Thursdays on Bravo at 11/10c; a special interview with the Giudices airs on Monday’s edition.

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PopSugar – This Is How Scotland Reacted to the News About Their Independence

The people of Scotland rejected a referendum for independence on Thursday, with 55 percent of voters siding with the “No” campaign to keep the country as part of the United Kingdom. Naturally, the results got a mixed reaction from Scots of all ages, most of whom had flooded the streets of Edinburgh and Glasglow to party in anticipation of the results. Despite the “Yes” campaign’s disappointment, Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to create a new constitutional settlement which would grant more powers to not only Scotland, but also England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, all of whom make up the UK. Keep reading to see how Scots celebrated – and shared their disappointment – after the results were announced.

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Celebrity News – Picture Perfect? 24-Year-Old Mother Sonya Spoon Tweeted Precious Photos Of Her Children — Just Weeks Before She Was Charged With Their Murders

The 24-year-old mom who confessed to murdering her two toddler children could have fooled anyone.

The picture of happiness, Sonya Spoon frequently posted pictures of her happy life with her kids on various social media platforms. An avid Twitter user, Spoon tweeted several photos of Kayla Thompson, 3, and Ayden Spoon, 1.

The young mom posted a selfie with her daughter on her Twitter profile only a few weeks before allegedly suffocating her with a plastic bag.

PHOTOS: Heartbreaking! Sonya Spoon Showed Off Her Children On Social Media Before She Confessed To Killing Them – See The Photos Of The Lost Angels


Spoon also tweeted another picture showing off her cute tot dressed in western wear.

Not one to hide her love for her children, Sonya seemed like a happy mom who was proud to show off her kids.

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As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the Maryland mom confessed to killing her children by suffocating them with plastic bags. She is being held without bail on two charges of first-degree murder.

Paramedics arrived to Spoon’s house around 2am Sunday morning after receiving a call about two unconscious children. Both were rushed to Children’s Hospital in Washington, but neither survived.

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PopSugar – Everyone Who Is Anyone Spent Their Summer in Ibiza

Summer is coming to a close, and that means that the famous set will soon be returning to their homes after taking glamorous vacations. One of the most popular spots to visit this season was Ibiza, Spain, which hosted several star-studded events (including Eve’s wedding and Riccardo Tisci’s birthday bash) and was the location of Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom’s infamous fight. If your head is still spinning from all the jet-setting stars, we’ve rounded up all the celebrities who were spotted in Ibiza this Summer, from Kim Kardashian to Kate Moss.

Source: FameFlynet

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