Jacky Says… Reggie Bush’s Side Chick, Five Potential Baby Daddies?

reggie bush side chick monique exposito

Monique Exposito, the woman who allegedly got knocked up by Reggie Bush, gave birth to the NFL players baby boy on Super Bowl Sunday.

She named the baby Preston. Many people assumed she would go with the name Reggie Jr., and it’s good thing she didn’t because Reggie might not be the daddy after all!

According to BOSSIP, the Miami cocktail waitress wasn’t only getting pounded out by Reggie, she was also hooking up with NBA vet Alonzo Mourning, pro boxer Steed Woodall, Florida Marlins player Giancarlo Stanton – all while she was married to her estranged husband, Alex Bastin.

Monique is said to be “upset” that the baby looks so much like her, and isn’t as “dark skinned” as she would have liked.

Despite the baby’s appearance, she says she’s sure Bush is the father.

“After [Reggie] pays to support her and Preston for the next 18 years, she’ll be sure that Preston becomes a famous ball player too and sets her up for life, because she’ll be a good mom, and was the one who decided to keep him – not Bush.”

SMH. Everyone in this situation deserves an L.

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Jacky Says… Reggie Bush’s Wife Isn’t Leaving Despite New Baby

reggie bush lilit avagyan cheating baby

If Lilit Avagyan thought her husband Reggie Bush wouldn’t do her dirty the way he did Kim, she was dead wrong!

Reggie’s cheating ways were exposed when he allegedly got his side chick Monique Exposito pregnant.

Monique is now getting divorced, and the NFL player has been named in her divorce docs.

Even though he has yet to take a paternity test, all signs point to Reggie being the daddy…but that doesn’t mean Lilit is gonna leave him anytime soon.

According to The YBF, friends of Lilit say she’s standing by her man.

“She has good days and bad days. [We’re] trying to be as supportive as possible, but we just don’t understand why she hasn’t left him yet! We keep telling her once a cheater, always a cheater [especially] since he has quite the reputation from previous relationships.”

Do you think Lilit is stupid for staying with him?

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Jacky Says… LHHATL’s Kirk Frost’s Secret Baby Mama Sues for Child Support

kirk frost baby mama child support

After stepping out on his wife Rasheeda and getting another woman pregnant, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost has found himself in the middle of a child support battle.

The woman, Jasmine Washington, says she was Kirk’s mistress for more than a year, and she filed the child support suit after he stopped taking care of her and their son.

Now that Kirk has abandoned their son, Jasmine’s gravy train has run dry. The living allowance and car Kirk had given to her taken away when she broke things off on Halloween 2016.

After their breakup, Kirk denied the child was his, took away all the gifts and money, and put her in a state of “financial distress.”

Jasmine says she hasn’t been able to find a job and she can’t afford daycare now that her sugar daddy has iced her out.

Peep the court docs on BOSSIP.

This baby is Kirk’s seventh kid. He has two with Rasheeda and the rest with other women. He also has several grandchildren.

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Jacky Says… Tiny to T.I.: “Come Back to Me Baby!!!”

tiny ti reconcile

It’s been less than a month since Tiny filed for divorce from T.I., and it looks like she’s waving the white flag and ready to take him back!

In an Instagram Live session, one of Tiny’s followers told her she needed to get back with the rapper, and Tiny responded with, “He needs to come back to me baby…come on back to me…”

Tiny then says she’s “where she’s supposed to be at,” so it looks like she’s sitting and waiting patiently for TIP to give HER a second chance. Don’t forget, he’s the one that was allegedly cheating and making her pay for her own dinners.

Peep the video starting at the 2:10 mark.

How soon before Tiny calls off the divorce?

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Jacky Says… Stevie J Talks Having an STD & Getting Custody of Joseline’s Baby


Just days before his spinoff show Leave It to Stevie is set to premier on December 19, Stevie J gave an interview and got candid about his love life, his health, and Joseline’s unborn baby.

According to Stevie, he’s still dating Faith Evans, even though their relationship is tricky since they’ve been best friends for 25 years.

He also says he’s aiming for full custody of Joseline’s baby IF the baby is he. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned for those paternity results.

But the best part about the interview is when Stevie admitted to contracting crabs in the 90s! But according to him, he didn’t get them from having sex. He let someone with crabs “hold some of his clothes.” The person wore a pair of Stevie’s jeans and that’s how he ended up catching the STD.

Do you believe him?

Peep the interview:

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