Jacky Says… Keshia Knight Pulliam Accuses Ed Hartwell of Trying to Kill Their Baby!

keshia knight pulliam ed hartwell miscarriage

Keshia Knight Pulliam just dropped a bombshell…the child actress is accusing her estranged husband, Ed Hartwell, of trying to kill their unborn baby!

According to sources, Keshia claims Ed is so abusive, so violent and so diabolical, he has plotted to “harm and obstruct [her] pregnancy” by engaging in “certain underhanded and unusual conduct” to trigger a miscarriage.

Keshia, who is 5 months pregnant, does not get specific about Ed’s conduct, but she labels it “cruel treatment” which has adversely affected her pregnancy.

In the new legal docs, the actress says during their 7 month marriage, Ed would constantly curse, yell and demean her. She even says he had affairs with “multiple women,” including his “baby mama” Lisa Wu Hartwell!

She says she and Ed have multiple firearms, and she feels very unsafe having to turn over all the guns to him.

She’s asking a judge to order Ed to stay away from her. She also wants Ed subjected to a mental evaluation.

Smh. This is what happens when you marry a stranger!

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Jacky Says… Blac Chyna’s Dad Announces the Sex of Her Baby

blac chyna gender reveal

Looks like Blac Chyna needs to put a gag order on her parents. If it’s not Tokyo Tony running her mouth and spilling all of Chyna’s secrets, it’s her daddy running to magazines to spill her tea.

According to British tabloid Celeb Now, Chyna’s dad, Eric Holland, gave them an exclusive interview and he revealed the sex of the baby.

“Rob is excited about the prospect of having a boy. Rob and I have been having some good one-on-one time, away from the cameras. I said, ‘You want a boy don’t you?’ He was like, ‘Yes, yes,’ He seemed very excited about a boy.”

Papa Chyna also says the name has already been chosen, but they won’t announce it until the baby is born.

Recent reports suggested Chyna was pregnant with twins, but her dad has finally put that rumor to rest.

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Jacky Says… Nick Young’s Baby Mama Confirms Pregnancy

keonna green pregnant nick young

Last week it was revealed that the mother of Nick Young’s son, Keonna Green, had sold her story to a tabloid. And now, the truth about her relationship with Nick and those pregnancy rumors have been confirmed.

In case you forgot, people have been speculating the reason behind Nick Young and Iggy Azalea’s breakup was because he knocked up his baby mama again.. And Keonna has finally confirmed that she is indeed 22 weeks pregnant by the Los Angeles Laker.

Keonna says she and Nick were high school sweethearts, and they started having sex again just 3 months after Nick proposed to Iggy. Keonna begged Nick to tell Iggy the truth about their secret affair, but he refused. She also tried to get in contact with Iggy but she “never got a response.”

She says she is no longer intimate with Nick, but she would definitely give him another chance if he asked for it.

She doesn’t feel bad about sleeping with the baller behind Iggy’s back, but she wishes the Aussie rapper nothing but success LMAO.

Peep the interview here.

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Jacky Says… Nick Young Forgot to Tell Iggy His Baby Mama Is Pregnant!

nick young baby mama pregnant iggy azalea

Maybe it’s about time Iggy Azalea fire up her laptop. The rapper claims she didn’t know her ex-fiancé Nick Young had a baby on the way with his baby mama…but HSK ran the story about a week ago!

In a series of tweets, Iggy says she didn’t know Nick’s baby mama, Keonna Necole was pregnant by the Los Angeles Lakers until she saw the story on E! news. Ouch

iggy azalea nick young baby mama pregnant

Even though everyone can’t stand Iggy, you can’t help but feel a little bit bad for her, right?

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Jacky Says… Nick Young’s Baby Mama Selling Her Side of the Story

nick young baby mama selling story

Nick Young’s baby mama, Keonna Green, is looking to cash out on her side of the story.

In case you forgot, Keonna is the mother of Nick’s son. The two started hooking up again when he was engaged to Iggy Azalea, and now, Keonna is reportedly four months pregnant by him.

According to TMZ, they reached out to Keonna for confirmation on her pregnancy, and they were told she couldn’t speak about the situation because she had already signed an “exclusive deal” with another media outlet.

Meanwhile, Iggy is still on Twitter doing what she does best…

nick young iggy baby mama pregnant



Are you interested in hearing Keonna’s side of the story?

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