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PopSugar – Speed Read: Are Kate Middleton and Prince William Ready For Baby No. 2?

Source: Getty / Samir Hussein

  • Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly ready to have baby No. 2. A source close to the family says they want to give Prince George a sibling soon, but they “don’t say when.”
  • Kim Kardashian misses being skinny. She shared a throwback photo on Instagram from a 2010 red carpet, writing, “Throwback to a few years ago. #SkinnyDays. #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW.”
  • Rose McGowan blasted Instagram users after they said she resembles Michael Jackson. She wrote, “Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish. So f*ck off losers.”
  • Jeff Goodblum is engaged to gymnast Emilie Livingston. This will be the third marriage for the 61-year-old actor and the first for his 31-year-old fiancée. See her ring:
  • California residents are poised to vote on splitting itself into six separate states. With this plan, each state would have its own government and elected officials.
  • Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist-turned-immigration activist, was detained by border patrol in McAllen, Texas. He is one of the best-known undocumented immigrants in America, who came to the US illegally from the Philippines when he was 12. He was later released after a day of questioning.
  • A 21-year-old woman’s video will change the way you look at selfies. In her project, which quickly went viral, she shows her transformation over almost seven years with 2,100 selfies as she copes with her nervous disorders. Watch:
  • Starting this October, Marvel’s Thor, god of thunder, will be a woman in the comics. People are freaking out about the news – what do you think?
  • Comcast apologized after a horrible customer service call went viral. Listen to the never-ending attempted service cancelation call here.
  • Your daily dose of cute: this little boy can dance to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” better than you:

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Celebrity News – ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska’s Bad Boy Baby Daddy Adam Lind Arrested AGAIN And Jailed For At Least Three Days

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

The Minnehaha County Jail confirms to RadarOnline.com that the troubled father of Chelsea Houska’s 4-year-old daughter Aubree was arrested at 10 PM last night for violating his enrollment in the 24/7 Program, a system in which chronic DUI offenders must undergo drug and alcohol testing once a day.

“He either didn’t show up for testing or tested positive for alcohol,” a spokesperson for the jail tells Radar.

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According to the spokesperson, the 23-year-old will remain behind bars until at least 1:30 PM on Monday with no bail.

“The saddest part is it was his one weekend per month with Aubree,” an insider tells Radar. “So now she won’t get to see him.”

Lind has a long rap sheet: He was last arrested in May for driving with a revoked license, and faces several misdemeanor charges after he crashed into an elderly couple’s town car with his Corvette in February. According to Sioux Falls, South Dakota local news, he’s also been found guilty of three DUIs, and speeding six times. He’s been found guilty of driving without a license or suspended license eight times since 2009.

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The father of two (he welcomed daughter Paislee Taylor Halbur last September), recently moved in with his new girlfriend, South Dakota single mom Jessica Nicole.

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