Celebrity Gossip – Former ‘Baywatch’ Chick Angelica Bridges — Shout Out to Zac Efron … I’m Still Good to Go (PHOTOS)

Angelica Bridges did one season of ”Baywatch,” and while her body’ more than ready to slip into the ole red swimsuit again — there’s NOTHING wrong with the one she’s wearing here.  The 45-year-old bombshell who played Lt. Taylor…


Jacky Says… Lil Wayne Dragged for Starving a Pregnant Instagram Thot

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne


A pregnant Instagram thot is accusing Lil Wayne of starving her during a recent trip to LA.

The woman, who goes by the name Bonita4real on Instagram, said she took up Weezy’s offer to go to LA because she “really needed a getaway” *side eye*

When she got there, Weezy was being stingy with his food, and when Bonita took one of his apple slices, he told her he wanted it back…The woman didn’t understand, so Weezy told her it was a prison term…either he would get some backdoor action to make her crap it out, or should we need to cough it out by sucking on his “manhood.”

The woman says due to her pregnancy, she was hungry throughout the entire trip, but every time she tried to eat, Weezy would get mad and say being greedy was “unattractive.”

She also says Weezy was smoking weed the entire time and sippin’ lean.

Eventually, once he realized he wasn’t gonna get any from the pregnant trip, he had a flight booked to send her azz home. But he tried to leave her stranded in a hotel without even booking her a room.
lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 1

lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 2

lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 3

lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 4

lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 5

lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 7

lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 6


pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 1

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 2

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 3

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 4

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 5

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 6


This woman also claims to have slept with Toya Wright’s ex-husband, Memphitz. In case you forgot, Toya was also married to Weezy.

Hoes will be hoes I guess *shrugs*

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Celebrity Gossip – ‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott — Bouncer Tried a Fixer-Upper … ON MY FACE! (PHOTOS)

“Property Brothers” star Jonathan Scott ended up in a bouncer’s headlock while he was hanging in a Fargo bar, and now police are investigating.  Cops tell TMZ Jonathan was at Dempsey’s Public House Saturday night when the altercation…


Celebrity Gossip – Laremy Tunsil — Stepfather Denies Leaking Bong Video … ‘Wasn’t Me’

Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather tells TMZ Sports … he is NOT the person who hacked the football star’s Twitter account and published a video of Laremy hitting a bong. FYI — the video, showing Laremy hitting a gas-mask bong, was released on Laremy’s…


Jacky Says… Birdman Bisexual? Rapper Comes Out the Closet…Again

birdman gay

It seems like every few months, Birdman does some suspect sh*t to make us think he’s really playing for the same team. This time, a mysterious post popped up on the Cash Money execs Instagram page, where he announced he is bisexual.

As soon as the post went up, The Game’s manager, Wack100, cosigned Birdman’s announcement and praised him for coming out the closet.

“Couldn’t respeckt it while you was in the closet, but least people can make a decision now that your open with your sexuality… I’m thinking ya sh*t was hacked but if it wasn’t live your life my n*gga. I need that clearance signed though,” – Wack100


Uh oh! A #PostAndDelete from #Birdman's account saying he's bisexual…#Wack100 posted it up so we thought we'd share. #Socialites do you think someone hacked Birdman's account? #Respeck

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Unsurprisingly, the post has been removed from Birdman’s IG.

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Celebrity Gossip – Adam Sandler & David Spade — Roast D’Angelo Russell … With Hilarious Spoof Video (VIDEO)

**WARNING — EXPLICIT LANGUAGE**  This is hysterical … Adam Sandler and David Spade just totally nailed the whole D’Angelo Russell/Nick Young video situation … in a hilarious send-up spoof video. The clip has Adam playing the part of poor…


Jacky Says… Angela Simmons’ Fiancé is a Convicted Felon!

Sutton Tennyson angela simmons fiance

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Angela Simmons is engaged, but nothing was known about her mystery man…until now.

Apparently, Angela is done with men in the music industry, because she’s set to walk down the aisle with 35-year-old Atlanta native Sutton Tennyson…it’s just too bad he’s a convicted felon!

According to sources, Sutton did time in prison for carrying a concealed gun in 2000. A few years after that, he was back in the pen for credit card forgery, identity theft, drug possession and police obstruction…you know, typical scammer shit. He was released from prison in 2010.

This is Angela Simmons fiancé Sutton Tennyson, I broke the story back in March. He doesn't like to take pictures so you won't see too many of them besides his mugshots and a few that are online. He was in another relationship last year between October and November then broke things off in January to make things right with Angela. That's all I will give for now but you got the real tea here.

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Rev Run, come get yo daughter!

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